Wednesday, May 14, 2014

PennPraxis Unveils Conceptualized Fairmount Park Trail Network Map

This is what I've been waiting for - a trail map to include all the single-track dirt trails and other pedestrian routes of Fairmount Park - both East Fairmount Park and West Fairmount Park. Of course, this conceptualized Fairmount Park Trail Map isn't EXACTLY what I've been looking for, but it's a start.

Conceptualized, future-minded, connected Fairmount Park Trail Map
I'm heading out today to explore, and I hope to find out how much of this map is future-minded and how much of the trail system can be followed at present. Meanwhile, I'd like to thank the folks at PennPraxis for their plan titled, "The New Fairmount Park". This picture was snagged from said plan and posted here for anyone, like me, who may otherwise be unsuccesfully Googling for any Fairmount Park Map to follow. Hope it helps you #FindYourPath, Philadelphia!